Road Safety Awareness Week 2017

Speed Down, Save Lives! We’re excited to announce that this week is Road Safety Awareness Week – something that miDrive have been...

22nd November 2017

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The Practical Driving Test is Changing: What to Expect

You’ve probably heard that there are a few changes being made to the practical driving test from 4th December 2017. We’ve...

9th November 2017

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Ten Top Tips for Your First Driving Lesson

It’s pretty daunting thinking ahead to that first driving lesson but there’s really nothing to worry about. Here are a top tips for being prepared and what to expect… 1. Read up on the Highway Code! If you have time, before the lesson have a quick read of The Highway Code (the guide to the …

6th November 2017

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Top 10 Horror Movie Cars

Ok, so we know taking your first driving lesson can be pretty scary, but once you get used to it you’ll be looking for something else...

30th October 2017

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What Gifts Should You Buy For New Drivers?

Passing your driving test is a massive landmark, and something that’s definitely worth celebrating. If you know someone who’s just...

19th October 2017

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Our new product is here! Pay-as-you-go, hourly Learner Car Insurance

It’s exciting times at Midrive HQ. Ever since launching our driving lesson marketplace and Theory Test apps, we’ve been...

28th July 2017

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Digital Business of the Year 2017 & now UK’s largest driving school

It’s not often that we get to shamelessly brag but we’ve had a pretty exciting couple of weeks here at miDrive HQ. We’ve just reached...

24th July 2017

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