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Your learn to drive journey in 22 GIFs

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You’re probably thinking your learn to drive journey will go a bit like this: excitement > oh my god I am such a good driver > hello driving licence, but unfortunately there’s a few extra stages in between.

In reality, there’ll probably be a bit of stress, an excessive amount of being proud of yourself and maybe even some swearing. If you’d like to know what to expect and when to expect it during your driving lessons, we’ve put together your learn to drive journey in GIFs.

#1. You’re 17 and your provisional licence is on it’s way. Come at me driving.

#2. Oh wait, this is actually happening. Ummm, maybe I could just buy a micro scooter?

#3. No, think positive. You can do this. How hard can it be?

#4. Then you stall the car for the first time…

#5. But then you work out how the clutch works and things start to get better.

#6. And now you’re excited because now you are DRIVING A CAR on the actual road.

#7. Oh but hang on, you want me to do what? Roundabouts? No no, I can’t drive in circles.

#8. Then you find your calling in life. Who said parallel parking was tough?

#9. But then this happens…

#10. And your driving instructor relegates you back to the car park.

#11. It’s time to book your theory test… and obviously you pass.

#12. Then suddenly everything clicks into place.

#13. So you feel like the coolest kid in town.

#14. It’s time to book your test.

#15. You get some last minute practice in.

#16. And soon realise that you and your instructor are actually sorta BFFs.

#17. Which is sad because you’re obviously going to pass and leave them.

#18. The sadness soon passes ‘cos you gotta get your head in the game now.

#19. TEST DAY!!

#20. Your calming lozenger is not sticking to it’s side of the deal.

#21. But guess what? YOU PASSED!!!

#22. And the final stage? Bask in the glory of your Facebook likes of course.

Last modified: 14th January 2016

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