Who was voted the most irritating road users?

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Who was voted the most irritating road users?

Car insurance firm, Admiral, have partnered up with YouGov and asked over 3,000 motorists who really grinds their gears on the roads. So, who was voted the most irritating road users? You may be surprised by the results.

The findings were as follows:

  1. Elderly motorists 41%
  2. Taxi drivers 37%
  3. Cyclists 36%
  4. Van drivers 34%
  5. Male drivers (aged 17 or 18) 30%
  6. Caravanners 29%
  7. Tractor drivers 26%
  8. 4×4 drivers 26%
  9. Lorry drivers 21%
  10. Motorcyclists 19%
  11. Bus drivers 19%
  12. Female drivers (aged 17 or 18) 14%
  13. Sales reps 9%

Elderly drivers top the list, with four out of ten of us finding them the most irritating on the roads. Sue Longthorn – managing director at Admiral – said “it’s surprising to see that such a high number of people voted for elderly motorists which shows they’ve obviously hit a nerve with the driving public.”

The reason Sue puts forward for these results is that older motorists “tend to drive more carefully and are not in such a hurry compared to many other road users. So many motorists are in a rush these days they get impatient with anyone they think is slowing them down.”

Learner drivers escaping the list suggests that, whilst motorists are impatient with slow, elderly drivers, they seem to be more understanding when it comes to L plates. Perhaps this is because they can relate to learners. They were, after all, learners once too!

The poll also found that, in the South East, the average age at which people bought their first car was 22, whilst in the North East, drivers were just a year older, at 23.

Admiral also asked whether drivers thought learners and newly qualified drivers should only be allowed to drive during daytime hours. The results were close, with 39% agreeing to this restriction, and 44% disagreeing.

You can find more of Admiral’s findings, from the most annoying driving habits to opinions on fuel prices, at Admiral.com.

Image via Anne Burgess.

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