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We all know what ‘calling shotgun’ is, but there’s more to it than just yelling ‘shotgun!’ whenever you want. In this video we take you through the ins and outs of calling shotgun to make sure you bag that front seat every time!

The rules

  1. Shotgun must be called loud enough to hear, and can only be called when in sight of the car.
  2. If you are picked up first on a journey then you are automatically given shotgun.
  3. Once shotgun has been called, no-one else can re-call it.
  4. If two or more people call shotgun at the same time, a footrace will occur to see who can reach the passenger door first.
  5. Shotgun has to be called outside, unless you are in an enclosed car park.
  6. You can only call shotgun while on the way to the car.
  7. Once shotgun is called, the driver is allowed to call for a ‘reload’, resetting this instance of shotgun. This may only happen once, since shotguns only have two barrels.
  8. Once shotgun has been called, the back left and back right seats may be called for.
  9. Anyone may call shotgun, regardless of gender, race or ability.
  10. If the regular driver of the car has been somehow incapacitated, they are automatically given shotgun.
  11. Shotgun overrules dibs, bagsies or any other lesser claims.
  12. If travelling with a couple, one of the couple must call shotgun. No-one likes ferrying backseat smoochers.
  13. If someone asks what shotgun is after it has been called, they have to walk.
  14. If the shotgunner accidentally jams the lock whilst the driver is unlocking the car, their shotgun is forfeited.
  15. If the significant other of the driver is along for the journey, they are automatically given shotgun.

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Last modified: 14th January 2016

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