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It’s a long road but it’s worth it!

Learning to drive can be a slow and tiresome process. We here at miDrive know all too well the trials and tribulations that can often come with it, but we want to tell you… IT’S WORTH THE WAIT! We promise that all the theory revision, roundabout practice and manoeuvres are just part of a wonderful end product that can open you up to an entirely new world and plenty of awesome road trips. Simply visit and plan your very own first trip on the roads.

There are many things that are great about driving, the freedom it gives you, the flexibility and also the possibilities it creates to explore new places. Driving allows you to access areas of countries that public transport or walking could never quite let you. Although the roads you are currently driving on may not inspire much, there are ones throughout the world that are true spectacles and like the Pyramids or the Great Wall of China, belong on your bucket list.


Top 5 best drives for when you get your license

  1. Death Valley, Vegas

Just minutes after leaving Vegas, this road takes you into the vast and barren desert. During your journey on it, you will pass sand, lakes and mountains as you venture through Yosemite National Park, taking you away from glitz and glamour to raw nature.

We would recommend an emotive and powerful song to match this setting…

Song: AC/DC ‘High Way to Hell’



  1. Route 66, California

This is THE pacific coast highway road to do in your lifetime. Taking you through California and arriving at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The steep decline of the hills into the vast ocean is not one for the faint-hearted, as the best view (travelling North) is the one closest to the drop!

Our song of choice would be one to encapsulate the immensity of the ocean right next to you…  

Song: Bruce Springsteen ‘Born to Run’



  1. Friendship Highway, Tibet

Ditch the walking boots, grappling poles and tent, this winding road will take you straight up to Everest Base Camp! This road can be done in a 4 day journey which will take you through vast lakes, peaks and forests as it climbs up and up.

Throughout this 4 day trip there are many songs you could enjoy, for the final leg we recommend an uplifting number to match your achievement…

Song: Diana Ross ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’



  1. Great Ocean Road, Australia

150 miles stretching seemingly endlessly along the South-East coast of Australia is not a sight you want to miss. Stop off along the way to look at the 12 apostles (limestone spindles along the coast), for surf breaks and waterfall days to capture the true heart of Australia. For  a truly Australian experience, we recommend…  

Song: Men At Work ‘Down Under’



  1. Davas to Stelvio, Switzerland to Italy

This road has been acclaimed to be the ultimate driving experience, it was even labelled by Top Gear as ‘driving perfection’. It is a 15 mile road filled with steep and sharp bends that leave you just centimetres away from a small barrier stopping you from toppling over the edge. Again, not for those who suffer from vertigo or car-sickness!

Capture this scenery with a song from the film that made it famous…

Song: Matt Monro ‘On Days Like These’ (Italian Job, 1969)



To make your wanderlust dreams come true, start by jumping in the driving seat with one of miDrive’s fully qualified driving instructors. To check out the lesson package deals in your area simply visit to start your journey. Where will the road take you?

If you’d like to stay closer to home, we’ve also found some pretty cool road trips right here in the UK. Get out there and find some hidden gems!



Written by Lydia Garratt

Last modified: 19th January 2017

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