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Top 10 horror movie cars

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From children’s favourites to every teenager’s worst nightmare, prepare for a story of good and evil as we countdown the top ten horror movie cars. To qualify the cars must be possessed, used by characters fighting evil or belong to bad drivers.

1. Happy Toyz — Maximum Overdrive

Stephen King’s terrifying tale about machines gone mental makes a spine-tingling film. In this movie, a comet passing close to earth causes all kinds of devices to attack humans. Lots of cars go on a rampage, but the scariest vehicle in the entire movie is undoubtedly the Happy Toyz lorry with its evil green face, earning it first place in our top ten horror movie cars.

2. KITT — Knight Rider’s car

KITT makes our top ten cars list because, who doesn’t love this talking car? He was treated like a cast member by the Knight Rider crew who loved hearing him talk. KITT or “Knight Industries Two Thousand” is an artificially intelligent personality inside a robotic car. A Knight 2000 microprocessor is his “brain” with a memory the size of 1,000 megabytes. His exterior is made of “Tri-Helical Plasteel 1000 MBS” which means he’s resilient to light firearms. He even has the ability to cut through metal with his laser powers — how awesome is that?

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3. Christine — Christie

Another monster car from Stephen King makes our top ten cars list. Christine is a red 1958 Plymouth Fury which his owner Arnie Cunningham adores. As Arnie begins spending more and more time with his car, his personality changes. Is Arnie coming of age, or has Christine got a hold on him? Why not watch this terrifying entry in our top ten cars list and let us know.

4. Chevy COE — Jeepers Creepers

Two teenages cross Florida during Spring Break and are pursued by a psychopath in a rusty old truck. It seems the psycho is a mass-murderer who kills people with his 1941 Chevrolet Cab Over Engine. Beware of the truck, but watch out for The Creeper.

5. The Mystery Mobile — Scooby Doo

The Mystery Mobile strikes fear into the hearts of ghosts and monsters everywhere, and children the world over want one. This funky campervan is painted with psychedelic colours of the 60s. With such a cool van to ride in, who wouldn’t want to chase the paranormal with everybody’s favourite pesky kids — Scooby Doo and the gang?

6. The Child Catcher’s wagon — Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

You might think that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang should be in our top ten cars list, but the Child Catcher’s wagon has struck fear into the hearts of generations of children ever since Jemima and Jeremy entered it in the movie. Although not technically a car, the fear factor generated from this wagon could out-scare anything in our top ten cars list.

7. Walter White’s Meth Lab — Breaking Bad

The Class-A Motorhome has made our list because it’s where the infamous Walter White’s transformation from Mr Nice Guy to criminal mastermind began. Like the innocent family man who used it, you’d never suspect that hiding inside this holiday home is a meth lab and some of the purest crystal meth on the streets of Albuquerque. D.E.A agents, including White’s brother-in-law Hank, were falling over themselves to find this.

8. Ecto-1 — Ghostbusters

The Ecto-1 of Ghostbusters fame was a 1959 Cadillac which Dr. Ray Stanz found before he mortgaged his house. Stanz did the car up and it faithfully transported the Ghostbusters and their kit to many a crime scene. Early drafts of the script give the Ecto-1 the ability of interdimensional travel. After finding fame in the Ghostbusters films, the car was used to entertain children at their birthday parties. Even though it eventually fell into disrepair, it’s still made our top ten horror movie cars list.

horror movie cars

9. 1971 Chrysler Newport — Joy Ride

It’s not the 1971 Chrysler Newport that gets Lewis and his brother Fuller into trouble, it’s the CAB radio that they buy at a petrol station for $40. Lewis pretends to be a babe called Candy Cane, who agrees to meet Rusty Nail, a trucker, at a motel where a couple of business men are murdered. But Rusty Nail is on the loose, and he can see you.

10. 1971 Chevy Nova — Death Proof

Death Proof’s 1971 Chevy Nova comes in at number ten in our top ten cars list. The skull and cross bones on the bonnet should be the ultimate warning, but that didn’t stop Pam accepting a ride from the charming stuntman Mike. In Quentin Tarantino’s 2001 horror, Mike uses his vehicle to hunt down beautiful women by crashing into them and their cars. If you see a black 1971 Chevy Nova hurtling towards you, get away as fast as you can.

Tell us about your pick of the top ten horror movie cars from TV and film in the comments section below.

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