Top 10: First Celebrity Cars

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Top 10: First Celebrity Cars

We’re all used to seeing the celebs showing off their newest sports car on the front pages of our papers, but you never get to see what they drove before the money started rolling in. OK, for some, like Justin Bieber, their first cars aren’t exactly what we’d call slumming it, but, for others, their very first motors are a far cry from the extravagant world of celebrity cars as we know it today.

Richard Hammond – Toyota Corolla Liftback

It seems that Richard Hammond has always had a bit of a thing for cars. His very first was a Toyota Corolla Liftback 1600, in red. Not only did Hammond give his 70′s motor a customized paint job with a Japanese flag on the roof, but he also had an eagle engraved on the window. Unfortunately, Hammond’s love for his Toyota didn’t extend to his driving style, as he wrote it off shortly afterwards.

Rupert Grint – Ice Cream Van

It’s every child’s – and apparently, teenagers – dream; owning an ice cream van, complete with all the Mr Whippy you could ever need. Well, Rupert Grint – AKA Ron Weasley – made this dream a reality, as he purchased an ice cream van as his very first car. This rather unconventional choice is surprising considering his fortune, but we salute Mr Grint for thinking outside of the box.

Wayne Rooney – Ford SportKa

He may have a pretty impressive Aston Martin now – along with plenty more extravagant celebrity cars which he shares with his wife, Coleen – but he hasn’t always had such an exuberant car collection. Almost a decade ago, in fact, Rooney was presented with a Ford SportKa when he was making his breakthrough into the footballing world at Everton. Now, we’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with the classic Ford KA, but we can’t quite imagine Wazza himself cruising around in one. At least it was the sporty version.

Johnny Depp – Chevy Nova

Hollywood star Johnny Depp hasn’t always been draped in riches. Before his Jack Sparrow days, Depp owned a Chevy Nova which he, reportedly, also had to live in for a while. We wonder if the down-and-out look suited him so well back then.

Danny Dyer – Ford Fiesta

He’s the East End actor with a pricey car collection. Although these days you’re more likely to see him driving around London in his Porsche or Mercedes, his first car was a humble Ford Fiesta. Unfortunately, Dyer’s Fiesta met its fate in the form of a tree. Dyer claims the Fiesta was his ‘worst ever car’. We think that’s a little harsh, but we’ll let him off as he does have that bad boy image to preserve.

Cameron Diaz – Volkswagen Camper

She’s had her fair share of flashy cars, and even tried to uncover The Stig’s identity when she was on Top Gear with Tom Cruise. Cameron Diaz’s motoring history, however, hasn’t always been so sporty. Her very first car, a Volkswagen Camper, reflects her love of surfing, and earns her plenty of points in the style stakes.

Justin Bieber – Range Rover

It’s not every day that you turn 16 and Usher buys you a brand new Range Rover, but, then again, there’s probably no such thing as normal day for teen sensation, Justin Bieber. He may be barely out of nappies, but it seems Bieber has no shortage of celebs just waiting to lavish him with brand new cars. Along with Usher’s Range Rover – which Bieber later crashed – he was also awarded with P Diddy’s Lamborghini and a Chrome Fisker Karma from Ellen Degeneres. As far as celebrity cars go, Bieber’s had his fair share over the past couple of years.

Brad Pitt – 455 Buick Centurion

Long before the days of Jen and Angelina, Brad Pitt’s heartthrob image was very much in the production stages. The Fight Club star’s very first car was a 455 Buick Centurion which had previously belonged to his parents. It’s a good job he transformed into a big Hollywood star, as he would probably struggle to fit all those kids in this 2-door car.

John Lennon – Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Coupe

The late musician’s first car – a Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Coupe – was bought by John Lennon in 1965. This stylish electric blue coupe is still about. In fact, its owner teased Beatles fans around the world when he scheduled it for auction at Bonhams auction house last year. Suffering from a bad case of seller remorse, however, the owner removed it from the auction just before it went up for sale.

Jay Kay – BMW 1602

He’s an avid car fan and has an impressive collection. With over 50 cars, you’d think he’d struggle to keep track of each and every one that he’s owned, but he actually managed to find and re-buy his first ever car. Jamiroquai tracked down and bought the BMW 1602 and is planning on restoring it. Jay Kay may be one of the richest men in the world, but there’s no one who appreciates a classic car quite like him.

Image via Kristina Servant.

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