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Think you’re a bad driver? Meet ITV’s Undriveables

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If you’re on a bit of a downer about your driving, there’s a new show coming to our screens which should make you feel a whole lot better. How many driving tests do you think is a lot? Three? Four? Well that’s nothing compared to the lady who has taken (and failed) 11 tests.

A new ITV show, ‘The Undriveables’, will air on Monday 15th September, and will focus on learner drivers who – no matter how hard they try – just can’t seem to get that all-important pass on test day.

Lenique Louis from Brixton, south London, is one of the stars of the show, having taken more than 200 lessons, with nine different instructors, spending £5,000 in the process. She said: “Outside a car I’m a calm, friendly person but I get nervous driving and tend to lash out.”

Lenique isn’t the only one to have racked up an impressive number of failed tests either. The record belongs to a man from Stoke-on-Trent who took the practical test 37 times, while one learner from London failed the theory test a grand total of 100 times.

the undriveables

While Lenique’s problem seems to be road rage, another of the undriveables is simply terrified of being behind the wheel. Malcolm, a 65 year old retired teacher, is described by his wife as ‘an absolute disaster’ on the roads.

Malcolm says, “I’ve had a fear of cars since I was a boy and used to get knocked off my bike regularly. I just didn’t have any road sense and that continued when I tried to learn to drive.

“I dreaded lessons, absolutely hated them. I’ve always been worried about hitting oncoming traffic so I’ve had plenty of encounters with the kerb and I’m very hesitant at roundabouts. It feels like everything is happening in slow motion.

“I don’t think people who passed their test easily appreciate how difficult it is for some people to master driving a car.”

Lenique and Malcolm aren’t the only learners who struggle to get to grips with life on the road. With so many new drivers taking to the road each year, some are understandably going to find it tougher than others.

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If you want to catch The Undriveables, it’s airing on Monday 15th September on ITV1 at 8pm.

Last modified: 11th September 2014

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