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Apple wallet may soon release the ability to keep our driving licences digitally safe on our iPhones. Passwords, medical history, bank details and now storage of our photo ID are just more ways in which Apple are creating a rounded product, responsible for containing our most important personal details.

Yes, it’s a great means to carrying less and having all your information and payments in one place, but are we happy to be solely dependent on our iPhones?

On June 8th last year, the paper counterpart to the driving licence was abolished. Great news if you’re environmentally conscious (think of the trees), but a bane if you’re an instructor and i’ll explain why.

The main reason instructors used to use the paper counterpart to check if you had any points on your licence. Before taking the wheel on your first driving lesson, many instructors now ask you to provide a code which they can check online. The code is generated on the .gov licence checker site which you give to your instructor before going on your first lesson, to check that you’re penalty free. The instructor will check your unique licence code easily by entering the code online which takes only 1 minute.

To see how this is done, feel free to watch the short video published by the DVLA below:


Last modified: 5th July 2016

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