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Our new product is here! Pay-as-you-go, hourly Learner Car Insurance

It’s exciting times at Midrive HQ. Ever since launching our driving lesson marketplace and Theory Test apps, we’ve been...

28th July 2017

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Digital Business of the Year 2017 & now UK’s largest driving school

It’s not often that we get to shamelessly brag but we’ve had a pretty exciting couple of weeks here at miDrive HQ. We’ve just reached...

24th July 2017

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BIG changes to the driving test are coming in 2017-Don’t panic, it’s a good thing

The government are introducing a new driving test with updated manoeuvres as well as 20 minutes of independent driving (using a satnav)...

15th July 2016

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Ogling pedestrians causes 921,840 crashes

Distracted motorists – including those ogling pedestrians – cause 921,840 crashes per year. Research from insurance providers...

31st August 2012

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