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Video: Top 10 movie cars

We had a bit of a film binge the other day here at miDrive HQ, which got us all thinking; which movie car is the most iconic? After a lot...

29th September 2014

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Infographic: Iconic cars of the silver screen

Whether you’re a Batman fan or simply appreciate a really good looking car, this infographic will be right up your street.¬†Counting...

13th June 2013

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4 iconic movie vans

Movie Cars get a lot of love, but nobody ever thinks about the vans. They might not travel as fast but they hold more people so are a lot...

27th April 2012

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Top 10: Movie cars

Recently, we’ve been looking at pretty sensible stuff. We’ve had first car recommendations, winter driving tips and the merits...

16th February 2012

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