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It’s time to modernise learner driving

Intern Rant Alert: Our intern Portia Cox takes the stagnant learning to drive industry head on and exclaims exactly why it needs to grow up...

19th January 2017

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BIG changes to the driving test are coming in 2017-Don’t panic, it’s a good thing

The government are introducing a new driving test with updated manoeuvres as well as 20 minutes of independent driving (using a satnav)...

15th July 2016

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Who Wants to Drive Green? Top 5 electric and hybrid cars for new drivers

Who wants to drive green? Leo does! Oscar winner, Leonardo DiCaprio, has a garage that lives up to his climate concerned ‘thank you’...

3rd March 2016

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10 things you won’t learn in your driving lessons

Your driving instructor may teach you a lot of useful skills, but there’s just some things which you won’t learn in your driving...

21st February 2016

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10 embarrassing things you’ll do as a learner driver

If you want to get your hands on a driving licence, you’re going to have to be a learner driver – there’s no way around...

14th January 2016

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Failed the theory exam – don’t panic!

We can all remember exams and those terrifying words: ‘turn over your papers’. They struck fear into your heart. To pass any exam you...

27th February 2015

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5 things your instructor doesn’t need to know

You and your driving instructor will spend a lot of time together. They’ll help you perfect your parallel parking skills and you’ll...

4th November 2014

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7 things you never understood about driving

Before you were old enough to sit in the driving seat, driving was a confusing, grown-up thing which only your mum, dad and other mums and...

24th September 2014

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10 signs you’re not quite ready for your driving test

If you’re learning to drive, you’re probably thinking quite a lot about your ‘big day’. The day you hope to pass your driving test...

20th August 2014

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13 ways your childhood prepared you for driving

Learning to drive can be a scary introduction into adulthood, but you’ve spent years preparing for life behind the wheel, and you...

4th June 2014

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