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Digital Business of the Year 2017 & now UK’s largest driving school

It’s not often that we get to shamelessly brag but we’ve had a pretty exciting couple of weeks here at miDrive HQ. We’ve just reached...

24th July 2017

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Christmas gift ideas for drivers

Have you recently been asked the big question: What would you like for Christmas? If like most of us, the question sends you spiralling...

22nd November 2016

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BIG changes to the driving test are coming in 2017-Don’t panic, it’s a good thing

The government are introducing a new driving test with updated manoeuvres as well as 20 minutes of independent driving (using a satnav)...

15th July 2016

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Technology, always lending a helping hand

Apple wallet may soon release the ability to keep our driving licences digitally safe on our iPhones. Passwords, medical history, bank...

17th May 2016

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10 things you won’t learn in your driving lessons

Your driving instructor may teach you a lot of useful skills, but there’s just some things which you won’t learn in your driving...

21st February 2016

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Are you ready for your theory test?

You can book your theory test as soon as you turn 17, as long as you have applied for and received your provisional licence. It’s up to...

1st February 2016

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5 questions you should ask your driving instructor

Before you start learning to drive, you’re going to need to find yourself a driving instructor. There are a few things you should know...

26th September 2014

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10 reasons why Londoners should learn to drive

If you’re living in the city you’re probably thinking there’s nothing you’d hate to do more than slap on the L plates and take on...

18th September 2014

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Think you’re a bad driver? Meet ITV’s Undriveables

If you’re on a bit of a downer about your driving, there’s a new show coming to our screens which should make you feel a whole lot...

11th September 2014

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8 emotions you’ll feel before your driving test

Your driving test is a big day, filled with fear, excitement and possibly maybe even a little bit of sick. There’s a whole mixture of...

5th September 2014

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