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What cars do the rich kids of Instagram drive?

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They’re the notorious teenagers with lots of money and not a shred of modesty, but they’ve become famous for their gratuitous spending and lavish lifestyles.

Driving cars most of us can only ever dream of and wearing watches which cost more than your average annual household income, there’s no doubt that they show us how the other half live. Here, we look at one of the most commonly instagrammed possessions for the rich kids of instagram – their cars.

#1. A gold wrapped Mercedez Benz

This shot of a gold-wrapped Mercedes comes from Instagram user, @alexa_rojas7, and shows us that there’s no such thing as too much bling when it comes to cars. A regular Mercedes would probably be enough to keep most of us happy, but not this particular rich kid.

#2. A Ferrari… at the Grand Prix

If you’ve ever dreamt of driving your own Ferrari or mingling with F1 drivers, look away now. Instagrammer, @nickxsecchi has quite a thing for expensive cars, and he isn’t afraid to show it. The teen from Switzerland has a tagline of “It’s luxury when you ain’t got it, it’s a lifestyle when you can’t live without it.”

We’ll have to take his word for it.

#3. A Rolls Royce

Our next snap comes from one of the most notorious rich kids out there. @itslavishbitch took the opportunity to slag off the Kardashian sisters with this photo, calling them a ‘pile of peasants’.

Of course, because, if there’s one thing we’ve learnt from instagram, nothing screams wealth like a Rolls Royce loaded with Louis Vuitton luggage.

#4. A Range Rover (a white one, of course)

If you’ve ever watched My Super Sweet 16, you’ll know that it’s obligatory for every rich American teenager to own a Range Rover the second they legal reach driving age. @hannahmontazami is no exception, posing next to her brand new sparkly white Range Rover in this instagram snap. We’re only slightly jealous, but mostly of that tan.

#5. An Audi R8 with a hint of gold

When @mwetterheim got bored of his Audi R8, there was only one thing for it. Wrap a bit of it in gold and sit on the roof, of course.

#6. Another Ferrari

There are a few attributes you need to have to be part of the rich kids of instagram crew, and @lorenzocarvalho has got most of them down. Supercar? Check. Expensive-looking LA house? Check. Shades? Check. Complete disregard of how to sit properly in a car? Check. The one thing we’re not sold on is the low-cut top, but maybe he’s been taking style tips from the Geordie Shore boys.

#7. An Audi R8 and (yet another) Ferrari

If there’s one thing the rich kids of instagram can’t get get away with, it’s getting on the wrong side of the law. These rich kids were pulled over is Oslo for apparently doing donuts in the park. @arnhoff took to instagram to deny any wrongdoing and to say ‘hatersgonnahate’, but he still had to shell out €1500 for the pleasure. Mere pocket money, we expect.

#8. A tank!

Why waste time with supercars when you could just hire a tank instead? @50_shades_of_charlie uploaded this photo to instagram to show us what he did for his birthday. A night out down the local wetherspoons seemed to be off the cards, as there was some van crushing to do first.

#9. An Aston Martin… on the fairway

The final snap goes to @zacrothmen, who simply asks, ‘who rides golf carts anymore?’. Who indeed?

Head image via Mr Darko.

Last modified: 14th January 2016

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