Reinventing learner driving? We’ve only just scratched the surface!

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It has been a while since I wrote an update on miDrive, in terms of what we’ve accomplished, what we’re up too and what you can expect from us (I’ll try to keep it short – I promise!)

Since I joined miDrive as CEO, two years ago, the team have knocked it out of the park!

Together we have raised money to help us expand throughout the United Kingdom (and beyond), we’ve moved our office to London, we’ve nurtured and grown an amazing team, as well as welcomed Alastair Peoples (former DVSA CEO) to the Board of Directors.

Most importantly we’ve helped over 250,000 of you, our learner drivers, get on the road. We have also partnered with some of the most caring, experienced driving instructors in the UK.

(oh, and we got featured on the Gadget Show! *hi mum*)

I sometimes get asked are we a driving school, a directory or what?

In short we are neither, we’re a platform (similar to Uber) with the mission of reinventing learner driving with technology.

We weren’t happy with simply finding you an awesome instructor, we wanted to make an impact on the whole learning-to-drive journey. We’re obsessed with making an impact on the statistic that 55% of UK learner drivers fail their first test.

Our platform is based upon three core principles, we help learners:

  1. Become safer drivers
  2. Get on the road for less
  3. Stay on the road for less

We match you with the highest quality local driving instructors (who we vet and verify); we provide the technology to help you pass first time (more on that below) and leave you and your instructor to it. We take care of the rest, including payment, scheduling, the curriculum, working with the government as well as finding you the best deals when it comes to buying your first car!  

As mentioned, one of the thing we’re super focused on is our technology.

At the centre of the technology is the miDrive Curriculum – a set of modules which cover everything you need to know to get on the road. As a learner, it’s your goal to become a Level 5 in all 24 modules.

No more awkward conversations at lesson number 30, when you think you’re ready for your test, but your instructor says no!

As the title of this update suggests, we’re only just getting started. Be prepared for lots of updates, both on the instructor and learner side. We’re rapidly expanding throughout the UK over the rest of the year, and then jumping over the water to help fix Europe’s approach to learner driving! We’ve also got a couple of neat insurance products that we’re putting the finishing touches on.

In short, thank you for using and trusting miDrive – we’re a small team on a big mission. We can’t wait to get you on the road.

Last modified: 4th May 2016

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