Re-creating a car crash with Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality is used to generate real life experiences, which for many, has been an enjoyable and astonishing experience. With games such as Pokemon Go merging real life activities with virtual exploring, VR is really starting to shape its future in gaming. Oculus and Samsung have teamed up and are now able to share a stronger message which is more ‘real life’ than ever before, showing young drivers what it’s like to experience a car crash real time.

1 in 4 of those under the age of 24 will crash within two years of taking their driving test. With this in mind, it’s important to raise awareness of the dangers that come with driving and the huge responsibility of being in control of a vehicle.

With the use of Oculus rift goggles, a Samsung smartphone and first aid actors, the car crash experience is as realistic as you can get. Participants left feeling temporary psychological effects of a crash which included dramatic scenes and emotional trauma. It’s certainly a campaign which was designed to send a very hard-hitting message to young drivers in hope that it will make teens stop and think about the way they drive.

One participant said: “It was very realistic and made me feel quite sick. It was definitely traumatising, you can see how it goes wrong so fast”.

Another said: “It’s scary to see, you don’t want to imagine yourself in a situation like that”.

The campaign seems to be sending shock waves through young drivers taking part and it’s hoped that technology can help reduce the number of road accidents caused by young people.

Watch a short video of the campaign yourself here.


Last modified: 19th July 2016

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