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The government put a hold on driving test changes

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You might have heard that the government were thinking of making driving tests tougher for young and new drivers, but today it’s been revealed that those changes won’t be happening any time soon.

Road safety campaigners had been calling for the government to make changes to the length of time you have to spend learning, as well as to how you learn. A green paper – which was meant to be released later this year – has been halted by the Department for Transport because they don’t want to ‘restrict the lives of young people’.

In an effort to give young drivers more experience before they take to the road alone, there had been proposals to make new drivers go through a 12 month probationary period in which would they would have to stick to a strict curfew time.

Sounds a bit rubbish for you, we know, which is why the plans have been put on hold. If they had been going ahead, learner drivers could also have been given motorway driving lessons before being able to pass their driving test.

New drivers would have also faced a complete mobile phone use ban, and a lower legal alcohol limit.

A Department for Transport spokesman explained:

“The safety of young people on our roads is very important to us. Too many young people die, too often.

“We are wrestling with how to make things safer, while not unduly restricting the freedom of our young people. We want young people to be able to get to work and training, to education and leisure activities, and we train them to do so safely.

“We are finding this is difficult to balance, with passionate voices on both sides.”

So, don’t worry, you won’t be facing any changes to the driving test anytime soon. We’re sure most young and new drivers will be very pleased about this, but do you think any changes do need to be made? Tweet us at @miDriveApp or let us know in the comments below.

Last modified: 21st May 2014

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