Motorway lessons proposed for learner drivers

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For the first time ever, the government are considering allowing learner drivers on motorways.

The Department for Transport is considering the move as a way to make sure learners are properly prepared for everyday driving before they pass their tests — currently drivers can only go on motorways once they have passed their practical exam.

Under these plans, it means that learner drivers would be able to gain experience on motorways under the supervision of an Approved Driving Instructor in a dual-control car.

From a quick miDrive survey to over 200,000 learner drivers, we found that 91% of respondents, having passed their test, would be most nervous about joining a motorway for the first time more so than any other aspects of driving.

We also jumped onto the streets of London to ask if people agreed with the new proposals.

Julie, 32, from Croydon said, “I had major issues with going on motorways due to lack of confidence, but I made myself go on them otherwise it was going to turn into something it wasn’t in respects of fear. I still now struggle a little but I am gradually getting better.”

Shawn, 18, from Wimbledon had this to add, “as someone currently learning to drive, learning how to drive on a motorway, with my instructor, who can assist and give me pointers would help an incredible amount. At the moment we can only practice on dual carriageways, but I don’t feel it gives me the experience that will help me once I’ve passed.

If you want to brush up on motorways and get ahead of the game be sure to check our post on motorway driving tips for new drivers.

Let us know your thoughts and hopefully you won’t pass any characters like these.


Last modified: 3rd May 2016

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