Save Money with Morrisons Fuel Saver Scheme

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Save Money with Morrisons Fuel Saver Scheme

We’re always on the look out for ways to save money, and Morrisons have come up with a great new way to help you save money on petrol. Morrisons Fuel Saver scheme allows you to spend less on petrol by buying other things that you enjoy.

How Morrisons Fuel Saver Scheme works

For every £10 you spend on a gift card in store, Morrisons will give you a voucher for 1p off per litre of fuel on their forecourt. From Boots to Pizza Express, you can spend money on the things that you love, whilst saving on the thing that you don’t, because, let’s face it, no one likes filling up the car.

There are 34 retailers – including cinemas, restaurants and department stores – participating in Morrisons Fuel Saver Scheme, and you can combine vouchers. For example, if you buy a £10 gift card for Toys R Us and another £10 card for Cineworld, you could get 2p per litre off at the pump.

Fuel Saver Calculator

Trying to work out exactly what you’re saving on petrol can be a bit confusing, so Morrisons have even come up with their very own Fuel Saver Calculator to help you tot up those pennies. Simply put in how much you’re spending at each retailer and it will calculate how much you could be saving. With this useful tool, you’ll soon be a money saving expert.

But won’t I be spending more in the long run?

The idea is that you’ll be buying gift cards for things that you would have bought anyway. So, if you usually spend £50 on clothes every month, you can make the purchases in gift cards instead of cash.

If there’s an occasion coming up, and you spend £100 on a meal, you’ll save 10p per litre off your fuel. Likewise, giving your friends gift cards to their favourite stores and restaurants, will be saving money in the long term. They don’t need to know that, though.

So, no, as long as you spend carefully, sticking to what you would usually spend every month, you’ll be saving in the long run.

What’s the catch?

There is a minimum spend of £10 per gift card, but that’s the only condition. Think of it this way: Morrisons are getting more money from gift card sales, the participating retailers are gaining more customers, and you’re improving your fuel efficiency. Everyone’s a winner!

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