Man with no arms passes his driving test first time

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A 26 year old Latvian man has passed his driving test on the first attempt, despite having no arms and having to steer with his feet.

Gatis Caunitis from Riga, Latvia is celebrating after he gained his full driving licence last Sunday, having already passed his theory test on the first attempt. Despite having no arms, Gatis controls the car with his feet – using his left foot to steer and his right foot to push the pedals and move the automatic gear stick.

Gatis was just six years old when he lost both of his arms, after being hit by a strong electrical current. Despite his disability, he’s always wanted to lead a normal life, and there was nothing which was going to stand in his way of getting a licence.

Speaking about his driving lessons, Gatis said:

‘The instructor in the driving school showed no sign of surprise when he saw me. Like if it was just an ordinary situation. I asked him if he was afraid of driving with me, he said no.

‘I passed both theory and practice on the first attempt. Actually before allowing me to sit on a driver’s seat, the instructor asked the Department of Transportation if there could be any claims against a disabled student. They said they had none.’

Gatis’ driving capabilities have also been praised by his passengers, who say they feel completely safe while he’s driving.

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Last modified: 19th September 2014

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