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Bernie picked me up today and told me we would be finally getting my turn in the road sorted out. I laughed, feeling all confident.

We drove down to a different spot from the previous time I did it. I started off a little rusty, hitting the curb going forward and on the way back. Suddenly, I was feeling considerably less sure of myself.

Bernie said that it was probably because I haven’t done one in a while and not to beat myself up over it. Good old Bernie, he always knows what to say. I took a few seconds to compose myself and had another go, this time it was perfect. Bernie said himself that it was up to test standard; if I perform like this during my test, there’ll be nothing that they could fault me on.

I was over the moon! But still trying not to get too confident as I don’t want to get as cocky as I was before. We drove on and he said we should try and get the left hand reverse perfected. We drove to another new spot on the test route and had a go at a wide angle turn in the road. I did a perfect one first try. Perfect distance from the curb and did not go over the central white line. Go team me!!

Another test standard manoeuvre! Bernie said that I should have nothing to worry about on test day, at least when it comes to turn in the road and reverse around a corner. He asked me to do my reverse around a corner again to ensure that I was not just having a fluke.

On my second attempt, I ended up about an inch from the curb, although it felt like it was even less! I was so scared about mounting the curb, I totally forgot that the correct thing to do would just be to turn the wheel away from the curb bringing the car slightly away and then straighten up again after. Luckily, I didn’t bump/mount the curb and I wouldn’t have failed my test if I pulled off a similar performance on test day.

Even so, Bernie said to be extra-careful on test day. If I had done this and then not got my reverse spot on, I could have gone closer into the curb and hit it.

We drove around a bit more then drove back to work. When we got back Bernie told me that I really need to sort out my theory test. I told him I would book it as soon as got into work (don’t tell the boss!)

I got a test booked in with just a few weeks wait! Not bad.

Last modified: 14th January 2016