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Luke’s diary #11: Show me, tell me questions

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Bernie picked me up today and I drove us down to town, he said we where going to do a lot of general driving today as this is something I need to get a lot more experience in.

We drove through town at peak time (lunch time) so there where a lot of cars on the roads. When we were in the middle of town, it was chaos compared to the peace and quiet I’d enjoyed on previous lessons. Cars were double parked, it was noisy and everyone seemed to be in a rush. Bernie told me that things like these are regular and they’re the sort of thing that could mess me up on test day!

We continued to drive around and I realised that there wasn’t much that Bernie had to tell me apart from where we were going. It did feel like things where starting to click.

As we continued to drive around town, I started to feel almost casual. Bernie started pointing out things like cars driving around roundabouts without any signals to me; he said that if I started to pull out and the instructor had to stop me because a car was going to hit us, that would be an instant fail.

He said even if a car is indicating to turn off, make sure they have turned into their lane before I start driving as a lot of cars don’t follow the rules of the road. Suddenly I felt considerably less casual, I’d been counting on my fellow road users playing by the rules.

We went and did another sharp angle turn in the road before driving back to work. I realised that we were about 30 minutes early… I thought Bernie was trying to stitch me up. When we got back we started talking about the show me, tell me questions, he explained them as relatively simple car-related questions that the examiner would ask me during my test.

A good example of a tell me question would be “how would you operate the hazard lights?” or “how would you test that your foot break is working?”. The show me questions are things like “show me how you would you open the bonnet of the car” or “show me how you would check the parking break for excessive wear”.

When I got home I did a bit of revision and let my mates at miDrive know all about how my lesson went. They’re working on a blog to help learner drivers out with the show me, tell me questions, so watch this space! Until then, check out these handy videos that the DSA have put on Youtube.

Last modified: 14th January 2016