Our new product is here! Pay-as-you-go, hourly Learner Car Insurance

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It’s exciting times at Midrive HQ. Ever since launching our driving lesson marketplace and Theory Test apps, we’ve been inundated with questions and requests from learners about Learner Insurance. Some of you weren’t sure if you need it to practice in your friends’ or family’s cars (you do), while others were just desperate for a cheaper way to do it.

You asked, we’re delivering!

We’re so excited to be able to announce the launch of Anytime hourly learner driver insurance – pay as you go insurance cover, which we hope will make it much easier (and cheaper) for you to get behind the wheel outside of your lessons with your instructor.

1 in 3 young learners are very anxious about taking their driving test –

While we’ve helped over 300,000 learners pass their test, we also conducted some research recently that made us realise another important factor that would increase pass rates and make safer drivers: allowing learners to get more practice before their practical driving test.

– Driving on busy roads and other drivers cause young learners the most anxiety –

This is probably no surprise to anyone – taking a driving test is scary for most people. Our research showed that more practice would make a big difference to how nervous learners  feel about taking a test and, once they’ve passed,  how confident they feel driving in challenging conditions.

– 53% of young learner drivers believe more practice with their family and friends would make them less nervous –

Why do learners not get enough practice?

It’s expensive! Even if a learner has access to a family member or friend’s car, insurance as a learner driver can cost hundreds of pounds and it often involves a lengthy phone call and extra admin fees. Realistically most learners only ever get access to one car because of the cost, which reduces their opportunities to practice.

Anytime is a leap forward. Pay as you go car insurance, tailored specifically for learner drivers. Install the app for free on iOS or Android, signup, fill in your details, add a car and that’s it! You can add as many cars as you like, schedule insurance for right now or for the future, and choose from just 1 hour all the way up to 1 month.

The cost of insurance cover on Anytime starts from £8.50 for 1 hour, or £14.30 for a day – learning to drive in a friend’s or family car just became much more flexible!

Ready to have a look? Download the app…

Last modified: 9th November 2017

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