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How much does a driving test cost?

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How much does a driving test cost? The simple answer is, it depends. The cost of driving tests varies depending on the type of test and when it is taken. Most learner drivers can expect to pay £25 for their theory and £62-£75 for their practical driving test.

The average learner takes their driving tests twice, spending up to £212 in the process. Some people get lucky and pass first time, getting away with spending just £106. However, not everyone’s so lucky. A woman from south London has reportedly spent £3000 on retaking her driving theory test 90 times and a man from Leicester has spent £1650 on 22 practical tests.

Driving theory test fees

Theory test type Price
Car £25
Motorbike £25
Bus, coach and lorry: multiple choice £28
Bus, coach and lorry: hazard perception £12
Bus, coach and lorry: driver CPC theory test case studies £24

Book your driving theory test online on the Direct.gov website.

Practical driving test fees

Practical driving test type Weekday price Weekday evening, weekend and bank holiday price
Car £62 £75
Motorbike: module 1 (off road) £15.50 £15.50
Motorbike: module 2 (on road) £75 £88.50
Bus, coach and lorry: vocational £115 £141
Bus, coach and lorry: Driver CPC practical test £55 £63
Tractor and other specialist vehicles £62 £75
Car and trailer £115 £141

Extended driving tests for disqualified driver fees

Extended test for disqualified driver type Weekday price Saturday price
Car £124 £150
Motorbike: module one £15.50 £15.50
Motorbike: module two £150 £177

Book your practical driving test online at the Direct.gov website. All prices correct at time of publication (Nov 2014).

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