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Top 10: Gifts for new drivers

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Passing your driving test is a massive landmark, so if you know someone who’s just passed, chances are that you’ll want to get them a little present. But what do you buy? Something for the car makes sense, but it’s not as if you can gift wrap a spare tyre and some screenwash.

If you’re stuck for gift ideas for a new driver, have a look through our list for a bit of inspiration. We’ll start cheap and cheerful and work our way up to the the extravagant stuff.


10) Air freshener

Cheap as chips, useful and fits inside a greeting card, the air freshener is a quick and easy gift for a friend or loved one who’s new to the road. Since you can get air fresheners in designs ranging from the whimsical to the downright offensive, you’ll definitely be able to find a suitable one.


9) Aerial topper

The little foam decorations that sit on top of car aerials don’t just look cool, they serve a surprisingly useful purpose as well.

Have you ever lost your car in a big car park? Well, if you had an aerial topper, that probably wouldn’t have happened, you’d have spotted your decorated aerial a mile off. A great gift to spare new drivers the embarrassment of walking up and down a carpark, zapping their keyfob and calling for their car like it’s a lost cat.


8) Keyring

This one’s pretty open to interpretation. A keyring can be another cheap and cheerful gift for a new driver, or you could really go to town and buy something special from Tiffany & Co. It’s up to you if you buy a £5.99 plastic keyring that quotes lines from cartoons, or an engraved, diamond encrusted piece of bling; both hold keys together equally well.


7) CD holder

One of the first things that newly-qualified drivers do is to transfer some of their favourite music from the pile of CDs next to the stereo to the pile of CDs in their passenger footwell. Help them to keep their music organised and scratch-free with a CD wallet or holder.


6) Bluetooth handsfree kit or earpiece

Driving with a phone held up to your ear is not only illegal, it’s very dangerous as well. If you give your pal a bluetooth handsfree kit as soon as they pass their test, you’re doing your bit to ensure that they stay safe on the roads. What a good friend you are!


5) Car decals

Massive stickers to customise your friend/loved one’s first car with can be a risky purchase, only consider them if you know the recipient really, really well. That said, with everything from Jurassic Park to fairy-related designs available, decals are a fun, removable and affordable way to customise a first car.


4) Speed camera detector

If you’re new to the roads, it can be easy to let your speed creep a few miles above the stated limit. Speed camera detectors prevent new drivers (or anyone else) being caught out by those pesky speed cameras and offer helpful reminders of the speed limit of the road, making it easier to stay safe and legal.


3) Parking sensors

I don’t know about you, but when I first started driving I had a horrible habit of bumping things while parking. Kerbs, bollards, my Gran, you name it, I bumped it. I called it “feeling my way into a space”. Everyone else called it “bad parking”.  Simple sensor kits are a cheap way of avoiding scuffed bumpers and angry grandparents.


2) Sat nav

Navigating is the element of learning to drive that nobody really mentions. Driving lessons guide you around a town that you’re probably already familiar with and feature little mention of how to use motorways or find places without extensive use of Google maps. Luckily, sat navs are now cheap enough for everyone to have one, preventing parents from getting a tearful “I’m very lost” phone call from their freshly-qualified son or daughter.


1) Car stereo

A nice stereo in a first car is a real luxury, especially if it offers handy features like bluetooth compatibility or somewhere to attach your iPod/MP3 player. If you want to spoil someone with a new stereo for their first car, you can spend as much or as little as you’d like. £150 will get you an iPod compatible stereo that any new driver would love. If you’re feeling rich, £800 will get you a feature-stuffed touchscreen in-dash DVD player that Batman would love.

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Last modified: 23rd December 2016