Dent by dangerous SAUSAGE

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A ruckus recently broke out in Germany between two men which resulted in a 30cm sausage being thrown at a car causing a dent in the door of a BMW.


Reports state that the outrage erupted after one of the men took offence at the way the BMW was parked! The first man began shouting, so the second exited his car and soon the two were seen grappling with each other.


Ending the ordeal, the first man grabbed the only weapon in the near vicinity, a 30cm sausage  and launched it at the offending car.


“So how on earth did a sausage cause a dent in a car” I hear you ask. Well, it’s thought that the sausage had a metal clip at the end which caused the 1cm dint on the rear passenger door.


The Police report is as follows:

“Police officials were called to duty in the Neubrandenburg Oststadt”.

“The officials heard complaints of insults and threats between a 47-year-old and 49-year-old man”.

“The 49-year-old threw a 30cm long sausage against the vehicle.”


Frankly, who thought an altercation surrounding parking could get so out of hand. The men sound like two weiners if we’re being honest.


Last modified: 26th October 2016

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