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Have you recently been asked the big question: What would you like for Christmas?

If like most of us, the question sends you spiralling into a whirlwind of panic and pressure to think of a gift you would ACTUALLY like to receive on Christmas day, wipe that bead of sweat from your brow, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re learning how to drive or have already passed, we’ve got some pretty cool suggestions for you.


miDrive Gift Cards

If you’re hoping to start your driving lessons in the New year, look no further. We at miDrive have helped over 350,000 learners get on the roads so far and work with only the best Approved Driving Instructors local to you. Check out our lesson packages and gift card options and perhaps suggest a gift card to help you towards your journey. Head on down to miDrive.com to check out our current deals.

Breakdown cover

There are lots of heavyweights in this industry with RAC, Green flag and AXA coming up trumps. The standard cover can start from as little as £22 and will cover you if you break down. Sitting at the roadside in the dark isn’t exciting or safe. It’s a good idea to cover yourself in case these situations should arise. Find a quote at MoneySuperMarket.


Emergency puncture repair

Your new secret weapon, the emergency puncture repair kit (yes, we struggled to find a nicer way to phrase this ok!). But in all seriousness, this tiny can of expanding foam could help you out a sticky situation. Standing at the side of a busy road, trying to undo wheel nuts or hail down a passer-by for help isn’t safe and none of us wants to stand in the rain and cold. Try Holt’s puncture repair retailing at around £5.



Personalised registration plate

Yes, they’re still a ‘thing’ and not just for high rolling footballers. They’re not as expensive as you might have thought, depending on the letters you choose, the length and how close they are to being an actual name, some retail for around £100.

If you’re looking to personalise your ride head to dvlaregistrations.direct.gov.uk who is the official seller, or visit a reputable dealer such as newreg.co.uk.



Leather driving gloves

Yes,  this one seems boring but trust us, when it’s -4 outside and you have to de-ice your car, you’ll be thanking the family member who bought those comfy, warm leather gloves. The type with the fleece inside are the best and a top tip would be to pop them on the radiator for 5 minutes before heading out.


Becoming increasingly popular, more and more road users are installing ‘Dashcams’. These are small cameras which record the entire journey from your point of view. A good quality dashcam can prove to be helpful in more ways other than making your fellow road users “internet famous”. Recording your journey may help you spot potential accidents or even count as evidence if you’re involved in one.  



Personalised car mats

If you’re one for small elements of surprise, these mats are for you. For anyone you take for a spin, they won’t miss these babies. Personalise them with your name, or even a funny nickname you and your friends can laugh at. Either way, we think these are nice touch without going over the top.  Getting Personal have some nice designs which burst the bank.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everybody at Team miDrive.

Last modified: 1st March 2017

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