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It’s Christmas day and we’re assuming that, as you’re reading this, all of your presents are unwrapped. Whether you got what you want or you didn’t, everyone loves a good gift opening YouTube vid.

So, whilst you wait for that turkey to roast, sit back and watch some of the best car for Christmas YouTube videos we could find.

#1. Hysteria

Getting a car for Christmas is obviously very exciting, but this girl’s reaction takes excitement to a whole new level. If you can handle some shaky camera movement and some seriously high-pitched screaming, watch this.

#2. A gift from Grandma

Aside from the fact this boy’s Grandma was generous enough to buy him a car, she’s also wearing one of the best Christmas cardigans we’ve ever seen. For that reason alone, this one goes out to all the festive Nanas out there.

#3. A gift for Grandma

Next we’re going to another Grandma in a festive cardigan, and this time she’s the one getting her hands on some new wheels. Her shock soon turns to tears, making this a Christmas heart-warmer.

#4. 4 new tyres

This woman’s husband uses the ultimate distraction technique. First, pretending he’s bought her a bike, then telling her he couldn’t afford a car but bought 4 new tyres instead. Understandably, she doesn’t look too thrilled about the tyres, but he soon redeems himself.

#5. Every dad needs a classic car

Many fathers’ dream gift is a classic car, and for this man, the dream came true. Once you get past the gushing speech, it all gets a bit emotional.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the miDrive team!

Image via daveynin.

Last modified: 14th January 2016

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