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Brake’s Road Safety Week 2012

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This November, road safety charity, Brake, are holding their annual Road Safety Week to help highlight the importance of staying safe on the roads. From the 19th – 25th November, schools and business’ around the UK will be taking part in fun activities and fundraising to raise awareness.

2young2die – For young people by young people

Brake’s 2young2die campaign reaches out to young people, putting them in the ‘driving seat’ of road safety. The 2young2die campaign isn’t about telling young people to be better drivers, but, rather, helps young people to do the teaching.

The initiative, by Brake, addresses some of the issues we hear about in the news every day. Drink driving, speed, and distracted driving are all subjects which need to be tackled. 2young2die runs all year round, but for one week a year, everyone has the opportunity to really get out there and shout about it.

Young drivers are constantly put under the spotlight, and with the recent changes proposed by the ABI in mind, changing driving habits is more important than ever. 2young2die not only looks at the road accident statistics but also looks at the reasons behind the high statistics.

Online resources

There are a number of tools which everyone can use to assess their own driving habits. The morning after calculator, for example, tells you how long it would take you to sober up, depending on how many drinks you’ve had and what time you stopped drinking.

New drivers’ lack of experience also comes under a lot of scrutiny in the media. Adjusting your driving habits in accordance with the road conditions and time of day is a crucial aspect of safe driving.

The stopping distance tool allows people to test their own judgments. Guess how long it will take you to stop at a certain speed, and see how close you are. Now consider how this would change if the road was wet. Did you brake soon enough?

Time to Go 20

This year, Brake are calling on all drivers to Go 20 in built up areas. The difference between a car traveling at 20mph and 30mph, in an accident, is huge. That 10mph can make all the difference if a child runs out in front of you, or a car pulls out at a junction.

Help promote road safety by driving just 10mph slower. Spread the Go 20 message (and the image) to make your community safer.

Get involved with Road Safety Week 2012, and be one of thousands standing up to fight against dangerous and distracted driving.

Last modified: 19th November 2012