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It’s time to modernise learner driving

Intern Rant Alert: Our intern Portia Cox takes the stagnant learning to drive industry head on and exclaims exactly why it needs to grow up...

19th January 2017

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What’s under the car bonnet?

Pipes, engine, spinny things, it’s a lot to take in! Understanding what’s under the bonnet isn’t just a necessity to...

21st December 2016

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Christmas gift ideas for drivers

Have you recently been asked the big question: What would you like for Christmas? If like most of us, the question sends you spiralling...

22nd November 2016

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Drink Driving Awareness for Road Safety Week

A special birthday celebration, an impromptu drink before heading home, a glass of wine with a meal: A small drink won’t hurt, will...

21st November 2016

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Wait, there are more changes to road tax in 2017?

2016 has been a year of shocking announcements, Brexit, Trump’s nomination, Bradgelina’s break up and now another one has been...

14th October 2016

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miDrive iOS 10 stickers and how to use them

Get stuck into to the new iOS 10 sticker feature 👀 Stickers and emojis have been available to use on other messaging apps and social...

18th September 2016

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Dent by dangerous SAUSAGE

A ruckus recently broke out in Germany between two men which resulted in a 30cm sausage being thrown at a car causing a dent in the door of...

17th August 2016

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North-East London is officially the toughest place in the UK to pass your driving test

According to the DVSA’s official driving test data, learners taking their test in North East London are twice as likely to fail compared...

29th July 2016

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Re-creating a car crash with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is used to generate real life experiences, which for many, has been an enjoyable and astonishing experience. With games...

19th July 2016

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BIG changes to the driving test are coming in 2017-Don’t panic, it’s a good thing

The government are introducing a new driving test with updated manoeuvres as well as 20 minutes of independent driving (using a satnav)...

15th July 2016

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