6 things to do after you graduate

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If you’ve been dreaming of the white sands of a Thai beach for most of your final year at uni, you’re probably looking forward to graduating more than most. But it’s not just the Full Moon Party you should be thinking about after graduation. That’s right – we’re going to tell you you need to learn to drive too!

Here’s 6 of the most important things you should be doing as soon as you’ve chucked your hat up in the hair and said adios to your uni mates.

#1. Learn to drive

Call us boring, but we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t tell you it was time to learn to drive. If you haven’t already got yourself on the road, it’s probably about time you crack those L-plates out. We know you’d rather be spending what’s left of your overdraft on galavanting around Asia, but you’ll get more than just a tan from learning to drive.

At the risk of sounding like your nan, it’s tough out there to get a job, and a driving licence might just be the thing that helps you get one. Unless your dream is to be a scuba diving instructor, that is. In that case, we suggest choosing Thailand.

#2. Buy your first car

Whether you’re learning after graduation or you can already drive, it’s a good time to buy your first car. You’re probably wondering how you’re going to do that when you’ve spent all of your money on VKs and clothes, but we’ve put together a list of the best cheap first cars to help you out.

Just make sure you don’t end up with buying a car which all the doors are going to fall off of the second you drive it away from the garage. We’ve got a guide to help you out with that too – ‘How to buy a used car’.

#3. Take a road trip to see your uni mates

You’re going to need an excuse to shout ‘ROAD TRIP!’ out of the window soon after buying your first car, and there’s no better opportunity than when you’re re-uniting with your uni mates. Typically, your uni friends will be scattered all over the place, so it’s the perfect time to test your driving skills out. Just make sure you don’t forget your sat nav.

#4. Plan a drive abroad

If you’re planning to go off on a jolly after you graduate, this might just be the perfect time to get your first taste of driving abroad. As long as you’ve held a driving licence for a few years, and feel confident enough to drive on the wrong side of the road without knocking any Frenchmen off their bicycles, it’s time to start planning your European road trip.

#5. Create your summer playlist

There’s no point going on a summer road trip unless you’ve got the perfect playlist. You’ll remember your summer after uni forever, so try to be careful with your choices. All we ask is that you include some Will Smith, because nothing says summer like Jazzy Jeff.

#6. Practice being designated driver

Now that you’re a fully-fledged grown up, you’re going to have to stop being such a boozer and become more sensible in your old age. Well, at least when you’re planning on driving, that is. Gather your mates and set down some petrol money rules.

Last modified: 14th January 2016

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