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The best car adverts ever made

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If you watch enough TV, you’ll know that there’s a fair share of car adverts involving winding roads, a lot of grass and a middle aged man looking very happy with his shiny new car. Well, we’re not interested in those – we’re looking at the 11 best car adverts of all time. Expect cake, hamsters and loads of babies.

#1. Volkswagen (1996)

You know when there’s something in your car making a funny noise and you can’t for the life of you work out what it is? Well Volkswagen made a pretty good advert out of that annoying noise back in the 90s…

#2. Honda (2005)

There’s more to car adverts than a good car, as this advert proves. Hiring a good choir, for example, can be the perfect way to get your message across.

#3. Skoda (2007)

We love cake, you love cake, everyone loves cake. This video features a car being made out of cake. That is all.


#4. Volkswagen (2007)

A car advert should make you want to go out and buy a car. And we don’t know about you, but we’re thinking a VW Golf is looking like a pretty good investment right now.

#5. Vauxhall (2005)

Remember this one? Vauxhall’s Little Dads advert is some of the best yet simplest car advertising we’ve seen to date. Because what is not to love about a couple of children pretending to be middle aged men?

#6. Peugeot (2002)

There’s not many car adverts which feature cars being smashed up, but that wasn’t going to stop Peugeot when they came up the ‘The Sculptor’. It’s a clever marketing campaign, but we wouldn’t recommend trying this at home. No one wants a Peugeot 206 that badly these days.

#7. Vauxhall (1996)

Back in 1996, someone decided to get loads of babies together and put them in the same room. Sounds like a living nightmare, right? Yes, but it made a really, really good TV advert.

#8. Honda (2003)

And finally, Honda have gone and done it again… pure genius.

Last modified: 1st March 2017

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