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10 reasons why women aren’t actually bad drivers

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Women get a lot of stick when it comes to driving, and let’s be honest, it’s not always fair. If you’ve heard “women can’t drive” one too many times, it’s time to get your feminist face out as we run through 10 reasons why women aren’t really that bad behind the wheel.

Oh and men, you might want to stop reading now, because this won’t be great for you.

#1. No wolf whistling here

Did you know that a couple of thousand accidents a year are caused by drivers ogling pedestrians? Yep, it’s true… and do you ever see a women shouting ‘oi oi’ out of their car window? No… so we don’t expect men to do it either!


#2. The competitive edge

Being competitive is not always a good thing, and (*stereotype alert*) men don’t tend to take kindly to other people flexing their driving skills right in front of them. So if you drive about like you own the place, you’ve probably earned yourself in the bad drivers’ club.


#3. The tortoise and the hare

You’ve all heard the story – the hare thinks he’s got it all going for him, only to be completely owned by the tortoise at the end. We don’t mind being tortoises as long as we get to win eventually… isn’t that right, ladies?


#4. Women have better taste

Mario Balotelli covered a £160k Bentley in camouflage, while Justin Bieber wrapped his Audi R8 in Leopard print. Bad taste automatically makes you a bad driver. Need we say more?

Note: we’re ignoring Katie Price’s pink Bugatti for the sake of this argument.


#5. Parking is not a ‘man’s thing’

Men might think that their parallel parking skills are something for the CV, but that doesn’t mean women can’t fit their cars into a parking space just as effectively. We might be a little slower at it… hey, we might even have two attempts, but at the end of the day, we’re in the space aren’t we?


#6. Women don’t overestimate

It’s not unfair to say than men tend to be a bit generous when it comes to estimating sizes (if ya know what we mean). Saying “yeaaahhh I’ll fit through there” and not actually being able to fit through there isn’t good driving. Men will also find it takes them longer than they first thought to get anywhere and then blame their bad punctuality on traffic.


#7. White van drivers

When was the last time a white van driver pissed you off? And when was the last time you saw a white van being driven by a woman?


#8. In the words of Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle…

‘That car i’m driving, i’ve bought it’. If you’re an Independent Woman, a) throw your hands up at me and b) let everyone know that you are, in fact, a very good driver.


#9. They’re called boy racers for a reason

If you’ve got a huge exhaust, drive like you’re being chased by the police and generally make people look at you and tut, you’re probably a boy racer. While girl racers do also exist, they’re a much rarer breed and they probably just have a couple of pink stickers to show for it.


#10. Men think they can beat the sat nav

Sat navs can’t always be trusted, but there’s not following it into a river and then there’s ignoring every single instruction it gives you. It’s a bit of a dad thing to go up against the sat nav in some kind of rubbish and anti-climactic race, and you almost always end up adding at least an extra 15 minutes on to your journey. Just do what she says and make a bloody U-turn.


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Last modified: 1st March 2017

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