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10 reasons why Londoners should learn to drive

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If you’re living in the city you’re probably thinking there’s nothing you’d hate to do more than slap on the L plates and take on the local ring road at rush hour. You’ll tell people ‘I live in London darling, I don’t need to drive’ and ‘the tube is just a few steps from my front door’, but does that really mean you’ll never be hitting the road?

If you’re thinking about taking the leap from train goer to car keys owner, we’ve got 10 reasons to tell you exactly why you should.

#1. Sweaty armpits

You might have to deal with daredevil cyclists and angry cabbies if you decide to learn to drive, but at least you won’t have to travel to work with your face in someone else’s sweaty armpit.

#2. Lack of stairs

Unless you live in a top floor flat with no lift, getting a driving licence will spell the end of you having to trek up and down the stairs trying to get on to the tube… all so that you can stick your face in the aforementioned armpit.

#3. No dealing with people who can’t STAND ON THE RIGHT

Tourists, the elderly, children: all people Londoners should have more patience with… unless they are, of course, standing on the left hand side of an escalator.

#4. Not spending your life savings on Uber

We get it, regular taxis aren’t your thing and Uber is just really, really good. But do you actually want to spend your month’s wages on on catching a ride for every 10 minute journey you make?

#5. Avoiding the not-topping-your-Oyster-up embarrassment

There’s nothing worse than confidently striding past a group of tourists on the underground only to realise the gates didn’t open when you swiped your Oyster card. It’s embarrassing, you’ve caused a pile up and now you’re going to be late for work.


#6. Babies and public transport don’t mix

And, sorry to break it to you, but you might want to create a small person at some point during your lifetime. When that time comes, you don’t want to be having to deal with trains, buses or tubes.

#7. One day, you might want to move…

I know, there’s a Yo Sushi 7 minutes walk from your front door and a small park you can run around in circles in, but one day that might not be ‘the dream’ anymore. When that day comes, you won’t be so keen on public transport.

#8. Traffic might just become your best friend

If you do decide to learn to drive in London, you might soon change your mind about traffic. If there’s one time it’s not easy to make a mistake, it’s when you’re crawling along at under 5mph. Silver linings and all that.

#9. You want to get a job

And that job might not always be in London. If you think your CV is lacking something, it might just be the fact that you can’t drive. No one likes going to important grown up business on the bus, you know.

#10. The Queen can drive

So what’s your excuse?

Last modified: 14th January 2016

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