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10 bad driving habits you should avoid

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If you’re still learning the ropes when it comes to driving, you shouldn’t have picked up any bad habits yet. But you will, unfortunately, have come across a few people who leave a lot to be desired when it comes to driving etiquette. Whether it’s queue jumping, not saying thank you, or flipping the bird to everyone and anyone who will look, there are of plenty of bad driving habits out there. To help you avoid picking them up, here are 10 of the very worst driving habits.

#1. Forgetting your manners

There’s nothing worse than someone who can’t say please or thank you. So if you’ve ever sat there waiting patiently for someone to pass and they don’t so much as look in your direction, you’ll know why we hate these people so much.

#2. Queue jumpers

It’s the same situation as when someone someone jumps in front of you at KFC to order their Toasted Twizzler, but you’ll probably be less vocal about that. When, on the other hand, someone calmly drives down the right hand lane, before cutting STRAIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, you might wish you had a Toasted Twizzler to throw at their head.

#3. When hazard lights excuse everything

So you think you can just stop in the road to unload your children and 3 million bags of shopping? Oh sorry, I didn’t notice you had your I-can-get-away-with-anything hazard lights on. You carry on sir.

#4. Nose pickers

At what point did the car become the perfect location for picking your nose? You know who we’re talking about – you’re stuck in traffic having a little look around and then you spot them. Someone remind these people that their cars have windows.

#5. Flashers

No, we don’t mean your mate Dave who’s party trick is taking his pants off after 3 pints. We mean the people who think full beam lights were invented to be shown off to everyone and anyone. They’ll flash if they think you’re going to slow, and they’ll flash if they think you’ve done something wrong. Take our advice and ignore these people.

#6. Parking minesweepers

You’ve waited patiently for the family to pack their shopping into their boot and reverse out of the space. But just as they drive off, someone turns up from the other end of the car park and helps themselves to the parking space. They’ve won this time, but at least you know you’re a better person. Albeit a better person without any shopping.

#7. The sweary ones

They’ll give you the finger at every possible opportunity, regardless of what’s happened and whether or not it’s your fault. These angry people deserve to be ignored, don’t even waste your time looking in their direction.

#8. Undertakers

Wherever there’s two lanes, these people see an opportunity to undertake. It’s naughty and it will get you in trouble. Don’t do it.

#9. Unnecessary overtakers

Everyone needs to overtake every once in a while, but attempting a multi car overtaking challenge whilst on a blind bend of a country road is just really, really stupid. They’ll then expect you to let them back in when they realise they’re about to cause an accident. Keep your distance and stick to a disapproving head shake.

#10. Middle lane hoggers

They’re the enemy of the undertakers and they just love cruising along in the middle lane. You won’t meet these people until you pass your driving test, but when you do, you’ll understand why they’ve made our top 10 list.

Last modified: 14th January 2016

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